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My Methods
Analytical Therapist at Montpellier

I am delighted to introduce you to the therapeutic method I employ, an approach grounded in a deep understanding of the human spirit and the power of speech to unlock the healing potential within. This method is anchored in the tradition of psychoanalysis, enriched by my journey multicultural and my diverse experiences.

Mes Méthodes thérapeute analytique à Montpellier

At the heart of our journey together is exploring your inner world. Through attentive listening and an empathetic presence, I support you in exploring your thoughts, your dreams, your emotions and your memories, often hidden beneath the surface of consciousness. This exploration allows us to unravel the threads of your lived experiences, to understand the repetitive patterns and internal conflicts that may influence your current well-being.

My method is not limited to a simple dialogue; it is an invitation to an introspective journey, where each session is a step towards greater clarity and self-understanding. In this secure and confidential space, together we will discover the resources and strengths that reside within you, equipping you to face life's challenges with a new perspective.

The objective of this approach is twofold: to provide you with immediate relief from the troubles that affect you today, and to initiate a deeper process of transformation, aiming for lasting fulfillment and inner peace.

I am here to guide you through this process, with the belief that each individual holds within them the keys to their own healing. Together, we will work to reveal your potential, restore your balance and renew your joy of living.

Psychoanalysis opens the passage from the psyche to the conscious.

Self-development is founded deep within the being, anchored from a very young age. Our family upbringing influences who we are today: however, we do not need to be victims of it. Applied psychotherapy provides the tools to understand one's past in order to be freed and free to move forward. 

The goal of analytical psychotherapy

is to resolve internal conflicts through a deeper understanding of ourselves, of the environment from which we come, which allows us to recognize and overcome our obstacles. We face problems that prevent us from moving forward or doing what we want.

The role of the analytical therapist

is to provide a safe, secure and neutral environment in which you will have the keys to understanding your past and opening the door to a better future.

Duration of therapy

depends on the needs of each individual or couple; it is based not only on listening, but also on an interactive exchange. The role of the therapist is to guide and not to command.

Communication is key in all relationships.

It is essential for strong trust between counselor and patient. Applied psychoanalysis teaches us to tune into the unconscious, leading to the transference between the patient and the therapist. The bond is one of mutual trust and commitment. This connection leads to self-awareness and self-confidence.

For couples and families, emotion-focused therapy

(EFT, in English) is often applied. This short-term method focuses on adult relationships and attachment. The therapist and clients observe trends in the relationship and work to create a more secure bond to move in a positive direction. To accomplish this, the therapist helps you uncover deeper past feelings that are recurring in your current relationship. You will learn new ways to listen to your partner, as well as express your emotions in order to have productive communication.

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Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

Ready to begin your journey of personal discovery? Contact me to schedule your first consultation. Together, we can chart the path to lasting well-being and deep self-understanding.

My commitment


As Judith Gleba Kressmann, I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. My goal is to help you find balance and inner harmony, guiding you through the therapeutic process with empathy, expertise and unconditional support.


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27 Grand Rue Jean Moulin,
34000 Montpellier

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