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My services
Analytical Therapist at Montpellier

To consult a therapist is a step towards healing and resolving difficulties. Applied Psychotherapy gives us tools to free ourselves from our constraints. My approach to dealing with various situations is to confront them with awareness.

Mes Services thérapeute analytique à Montpellier

Judith Gleba Kressmann:
Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

Welcome to my page dedicated to analytical therapy, where I am committed to offering you a space for listening, understanding and personal growth. Located in the heart of Montpellier, my practice is dedicated to those seeking professional support to navigate through the complexities of life. As a bilingual analytical therapist, I pride myself on being able to communicate and offer consultations in both English and French, expanding therapy opportunities to a more diverse community.

Judith Greba Kressmann : Votre Thérapeute Analytique à Montpellier

My philosophy
Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

Analytical therapy aims to explore the depths of the unconscious, understand the roots of your emotional and behavioral challenges, and guide you towards awareness and inner transformation. My approach centers on listening and adapting to the unique needs of each patient, creating a safe environment where thoughts and emotions can be freely expressed and explored.

Ma Philosophie Votre Thérapeute Analytique à Montpellier
Mes Services Votre Thérapeute Analytique à Montpellier

My services
Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

Consultations in Office in Montpellier:

My office is a haven of peace designed to welcome you in a warm and confidential setting. Located easily accessible in Montpellier, I invite you to meet me in person for an immersive therapeutic experience.

Online Therapy:

Understanding the flexibility needs of my patients, I also offer online consultations. Whether you're on the go, or prefer the convenience of an at-home session, my online practice is here to fit your lifestyle.

For whom ?
Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

My practice is open to everyone, from young adults to seniors, including professionals and expatriates looking for an English-speaking therapist in Montpellier. Whether you are facing emotional challenges, life transitions, or simply want a space for personal reflection, I am here to support you.

Thérapeute analytique Montpellier adultes


Thérapeute analytique Montpellier enfants, ados

Children - Teenagers

Thérapeute analytique Montpellier couples


Thérapeute analytique Montpellier expatriés


When to consult an analytical therapist?
Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

Seeing an analytical therapist can be beneficial in many situations. Here is a list of circumstances where it might be appropriate to call on an analytical therapist:

Persistent emotional difficulties:

If you experience ongoing sadness, anxiety, or negative emotions that are affecting your quality of life.

Relationship problems:

Whether it be difficulties in romantic, family, friendly or professional relationships.

Major life transitions:

Significant changes such as moving, career change, job loss, divorce, or bereavement.

Behavioral problems:

Like eating disorders, addictions, or other compulsive behaviors.

Questions about yourself:

Need to understand one's own thoughts, emotions, or behaviors, or to explore one's identity.

Past trauma:

Unresolved traumatic experiences that continue to affect the present.

Feeling of stagnation:

Feeling like you're not moving forward in life, feeling stuck or lacking direction.

Search for meaning:

Existential questions or the search for meaning and purpose in life.

Low self-esteem:

Struggle with self-confidence, self-image, or self-worth.

Difficulties managing stress:

Ineffective management of stress related to work, personal life, or other sources of pressure.

Sleeping troubles :

Insomnia, frequent nightmares, or other sleep problems that disrupt daily life.

Recurring or disturbing dreams:

If dreams affect your state of mind or seem to have a deeper meaning that is not understood.

Family heritage:

Behavioral problems or patterns that appear to be inherited or influenced by family dynamics.

Desire for personal growth:

Interest in personal development, improving self-awareness and expanding personal understanding.

Support during medical therapy:

Emotional support during medical treatments or chronic illnesses.

Make an appointment
Your Analytical Therapist in Montpellier

Ready to begin your journey of personal discovery? Contact me to schedule your first consultation. Together, we can chart the path to lasting well-being and deep self-understanding.

My commitment

As Judith Gleba Kressmann, I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. My goal is to help you find balance and inner harmony, guiding you through the therapeutic process with empathy, expertise and unconditional support.


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27 Grand Rue Jean Moulin,
34000 Montpellier

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